The core offerings are:

  • Health Impact Analysis and Assessment
  • Strategic Community Health Programme Development
  • Community Health Monitoring and Evaluation


Community health, well-being and perceived quality of life are increasingly recognised by projects as key considerations in ensuring on-going social sustainability. These principles are recognised in the International Finance Corporation Performance Standards (Performance Standard 4: community health, safety and security) and require that the company evaluate risks and impacts to the health and safety of the potentially affected community in different life cycles of the project’s development and development commensurate management plans in addressing these risks and impacts (both positive or negative). International Financing Institutions are increasingly requiring that projects address community health as part of lender compliance and SHAPE is ideally positioned with its experience to deliver assessments to this standard.


SHAPE has extensive experience in conducting health impact assessments and through their innovate techniques and approaches are benchmarking the practice in natural resource and extractive industry projects in developing countries. It is the intent that health impact assessments are used as decision making tools and the SHAPE approach is to support design elements that avoid or minimize the risk rather than a pure reductionist strategy.


SHAPE can support the following community health or health impact assessment work:

  • Different levels of Health Impact Assessments including:
    • Desktop reviews
    • Rapid appraisals
    • Comprehensive assessments


  • Epidemiological baseline health studies to support data closure opportunities and surveillance of impacts.
  • Defining practical and contextual specific mitigation and management measures linked to the identified impacts.
  • Development of community health management plans linked to proposed mitigation or management measures
  • Development of health monitoring programmes to monitor impact mitigations and intervention.
  • Peer review health impact assessments that are submitted for regulatory or lender compliance.
  • Recommend specific corporate social investment initiatives to support the extended benefits of project developments.
  • Support stakeholder engagement and development of engagement planning and partnership brokering between the client and other partner.