Project Health Risk Analysis

These assessments are performed to assist in identifying and analyzing specific health hazards and providing recommendations to manage these risks and may entail:

Independently design and support with implementation of project medical services, especially in remote and challenging locations.

Review medical services providers and capacity to provide quality and cost effective services to the project. This can include logistical, contractual and referral recommendations.

Provide advice on duty of care for travelers and expatriate employees.

Advice on medical emergency response plans, systems and evacuations. This can include evacuation scenarios, communications, insurance options and service providers.


Health Service Audits and Improvement Plans

SHAPE has developed a proprietary audit tool and protocol that evaluates the health service systems and operational elements. These elements are divided into 7 main themes including; management; administration; patient care; occupational health and hygiene; emergency preparedness and response; public health; and community health. These are further divided into sub-elements and by applying a weighted scoring system the audit process can identify priority elements or sub-elements which may require attention. The tool also allows for benchmarking across different business units and supports the ability to track health improvement plans between audit reviews.


SHAPE recognises that only to identify a gap or a challenge is limiting if a potential action or improvement is not recommended. Thus, as part of the audit process a health improvement plan is developed in a framework matrix that the project can use to assign specific tasks and deadlines to. The findings are also prioritised based on their significance so a filter can be applied to the matrix which then focuses resources and efforts to key findings.

The audit assessment process may be useful for a range of medical service provision models: 

  • For the client who self-performs their medical services and does not have the ability to internally review or assure the quality and cost effectiveness of the project medical service.
  • For the client who outsources their medical services it may not be possible to effective and independently review and assure the quality and cost effectiveness of the medical service providers. As SHAPE does no offer or intend to offer outsourced services its independent position can support an effective audit and improvement process.


Occupational Health and Hygiene Consultancy and Support

SHAPE has the ability to support a variety of occupational health, occupational hygiene (environment) and medical service delivery options including:

  • Occupational hygiene risk assessments- both from a qualitative and quantitative perspective.
  • Development of occupational health management systems to support effective fitness to work and risk based medical surveillance programmes.
  • Undertake legal compliance or director’s liability assessments specific to occupational health management systems. This does have an overlap into the health service audit offering, but has a specific focus on compliance or risk.


Company Organisational Health Plans

Many clients do not have in-house medical or health expertise and thus health is often afforded a limited role in occupational health, safety and environmental planning for new project developments.


SHAPE can support this role in developing a health care strategy for the company through both technical and systems support and can include:

  • Organisational human resource frameworks and skill requirements
  • Health Policy
  • Training and Competency
  • Budget Planning and Cost Control
  • Reporting
  • Process development and implementation through development of guidance notes, procedures/practices and documented work instructions
  • Health Prevention and Promotion
  • Emergency Preparedness and Response
  • Occupational health, injury and disease management
  • Medical facility designs, technology and commissioning